Juce C++ Learning more

Are there resources beyond the tutorials? does anyone have any tips as to how I can improve and learn more about JUCE? I’m currently aiming to view the play position of a sample as it plays but it’s not clear what does would do this?

I suppose a quick hack for that is to use a Slider. (Which could also be used to seek in the file.)
Otherwise I think you will need to do your own little waveform viewer Component, with some help from AudioThumbnail and AudioThumbnailcache. (Juce does not have a ready to use waveform viewing component for audio files/samples.)

You can take some inspiration from my class, but I don’t recommend copy pasting it directly into your code, as I haven’t designed this class to be reused by other code or by other people at the moment :


Thank you, I’ll examine your code…for the “quick hack” how can we get the play position then send that to a slider that moves in the GUI? May audio class looks like this:

is there a way to getValue perhaps to receive the play position data?

The demo app contains a demo that does exactly this, with a play cursor, thumbnails, zooming, etc!