juce_CharPointer_UTF8::isValidString() problem

Dear Jules,

Please, do you mind to check the stability of juce_CharPointer_UTF8::isValidString (const CharType* dataToTest, int maxBytesToRead)?

The next code line launchs an assert in isValidString:

String::fromUTF8("estos dos pragmas que indicarán al linker de citada fuente dónde buscar las\n", 75);

Thank you.


 75 characters - UPTO (not including /n) {I don't know if this is the problem, just an observation}

No, the size is the same, as far as it surpass the character 'á'

You can't create valid UTF8 string literals unless your text editor is saving your source code as UTF8. Presumably yours isn't doing that, and will be using some local code-page. Read my comments on embedding string literals in the coding standards page!