JUCE Compressor/Limiter

I know there’s a Compressor and Limiter included in JUCE 6 but I can’t find it on Github. Is it already included or is it just meant to be included in the future? If it’s there, can someone point me to it?

You need to switch to the Juce 6 branch in git.

It’s in the slightly oddly named folder “widgets”.

Thank you!

Had a quick glimpse at the compressor code, especially this line:

Negative sample values are discarded, so in case there’s a negative impulse the envelope detector won’t see it. Wouldn’t a std::abs(inputValue) be better here? Or is it me missing something? :wink:

Also as the Limiter uses two Compressor instances, negative peaks could easily slip through.
However, eventually a negative pulse will also become positive again, so maybe it’s not a biggy, who knows…

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