Juce Demo Android build errors on Windows

I’m trying to build the Juce Demo for android under Windows using the “ant debug” command and I’m getting the following errors:

-pre-build: [exec] Gdbserver : [arm-linux-androideabi-4.4.3] libs/armeabi/gdbserver [exec] Gdbsetup : libs/armeabi/gdb.setup [exec] /usr/bin/sh: -c: line 1: syntax error: unexpected end of file [exec] make: *** [libs/armeabi/gdbserver] Error 1 [exec] make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs.... [exec] /usr/bin/sh: -c: line 1: syntax error: unexpected end of file [exec] make: *** [libs/armeabi/gdb.setup] Error 1

So no juce cpp files are compiled at all.

I’m using the tip from today (2012/05/09) and created the android project using the latest Introjucer.
My android setup seems to be ok because I can build the samples.
As I already mentioned I am not using Eclipse but try to build it with ant and the console.

NDK is Version r7c
Android SDK Tools Revision 19
API Level 10

Note: on Windows I had to edit the build.xml file to use
{ndk.dir}/ndk-build.cmd instead of {ndk.dir}/ndk-build

Any ideas why the build fails?

Sorry, I’ve never even tried to build it on Windows so can’t really help… The whole toolchain is clearly designed for unix machines, so there are probably lots of gotchas in Windows.

Are you compiling for ARM? H’mm…If not then I’d strongly suggest finding a copy of visual studio on windows, it builds the code just fine with introjucer generated project files. You could roll your own project files with it as well but I wouldn’t. Use the introjucer for all mods to the project itself such as adding/removing files or groups, run/debug settings etc.

Yes I’m compiling for ARM.
Meanwhile I got a setup using Visual Studio and VS-android and after solving the problem with the juce include paths beeing too long, I could compile the Juce Demo project but it does not run on the device.
I always get an error message in Visual Studio when it tries to run the demo on the device, saying

my package name is “com.juce” and my activity name is “JuceDemo”.
All the classes are created at the right location, but deploying fails.

When I copy the apk file to the device manually I only get the message that juce demo had to be closed.

Any ideas why the class file isn’t found?

Ok, I got that sorted out. I forgot the stupid dot at the beginning of the activity name in AndroidManifest.xml.
Now the demo builds fine and deploying works too but the app crashes immediately.
What did you do to get the demo running using an android build with Visual Studio.
Did I miss something?

Could you give me some info about your
-API Level
-Platform Toolset
-ARM Version
and what else might be important.


According to wikipedia - The term “software” was first used in print by John W. Tukey in 1958…the year I was born, so as a software developer I feel qualified to speak on this matter - It just blows me away that such a simple thing as ‘forgetting the dot’ can stop the works. Or, in one tired, weak moment you type = instead of == and often nothing will notice it. Maybe the users will…later…where are those computer scientists when you need them anyway?

Got Point?

hi friscokid, how did you solve the include paths problem? I think I’m running into the same problem…