JUCE Demo Host VST3

All the VST3’s I’ve tried to load cause the host to hang in processBlock at line 1824 in juce_VST3PluginFormat.cpp (Commit 39cc7d8)

OSX 64 Bit


I've had the same thing with a few, but certainly not all.

It's very annoying, because all the Steinberg demo plugins run without problems, and the only ones that hang are closed-source which we can't debug, so it's impossible to know why they're messing-up in their process method.

Must be something that these plugins are expecting to have happened before processing begins, but damned if I know what it could be.. Really need someone to debug one and tell us!

I can’t load any VST3 plugins. I get the error “Couldn’t create filter - The plug-in failed to load correctly”.
Line 1729 fails:

if (warnOnFailure (editController->initialize (host->getFUnknown())) != kResultTrue)
    return false;

This also happens with Steinberg’s AGain with sidechain.

I also had to include vsteditcontroller.cpp in juce_VST3Pluginformat.cpp to avoid EditController stuff not being found during linking.
Edit: I forgot, VS2008, 32-bit

There's actually a new version of the Steinberg SDK just come out.. We're trying that at the moment, and it has some more test plugins, so watch this space..

Just got the tip (075b13a) and it’s better… but Steinberg’s plugins choke on VST3HostContext::setDirty()

Looks like you have a temporary jassetfalse which you can lose…??

//============================================================================== tresult PLUGIN_API setDirty (TBool) override { // jassertfalse; return kResultFalse; }

HostChecker pauses at FDebugBreak() but if you continue execution it seems to continue okay….

I created a simple iPlug VST3 which loads fine in Cubase7 but the JUCE host fails to load it…

Slate’s VST3’s all hang as described before.



Yeah, it's work in progress - we'll post some more updates in a couple of days!