Juce Desktop Quirks

These may be Mac only, but it appears that if you start a juce app while the screens are dark i.e. in screen save mode, then the monitor coords blank assert in the desktop class fires. Not sure what would work after that?

Meanwhile, is there any way to have a desktop component mouse event, like an event that says mouse moved but not in any juce component?


I should have mentioned - in my kiosk type app, I’m capturing the screen using Mac CGS calls (OpenGL related). I also have juce components. I want to hide the mouse when I’m not in a juce component.


oh, that’s no good… Looking at the code, I think maybe it should be enumerating “online” monitors rather than “active” ones. I’ve checked in a change now that should sort it out.

And the Desktop class has some global mouse listener stuff that should do the job for you.

Great, thanks!

I’m trying with the global mouse listener stuff. I am a bit worried about performance, if every mouse event comes to my class, and then I turn the cursor on and off. Could you offer a snippet - pseudo-code is fine?