JUCE DLL (again, sorry)

Hi there,

It’s me again for the same problems, again :wink:
Sorry but I think I will stand in this thread to comment and report problems concerning the DLL build of Juce.

So, for this time, here is the line to modify :
juce_PropertiesFile.h, line 64: struct JUCE_API Options
Function Options::Options(void) is not exported due to its inner status in class PropertiesFile.

Best regards

Thanks for doing this, you will help future searchers!

I have to say that I avoid using dynamic linking, simply because I am lazy and have had troubles with it in the past…

In my case, I have to use DLL linking with Juce because of large application with plugins and modulable parts.
If I don’t use Juce as DLL, I get some problems with singleton classes as MessageManager for example.
Moreover, I don’t want to include same lib in each plugin, my application… everywhere !