JUCE example PluginHost code: graph Save/Recall doesn't seem to recall and set up multi-out-state of Kontakt properly

While looking into the recent changes to JUCE regarding allowing hosting of AudioUnits with multiple outputs > 2 I noticed something that - might be good to address:

I wanted to test the hosting of Kontakt in multichannel mode - say with 8 or 16 stereo outputs. So I added a new instance of Kontakt to the PluginHost window.

I then used the new feature in PluginHost to allow me to increase the output channel count of Kontakt from the default 2 ( stereo ) to 8 or 16 stereo outs.

I was able to confirm that after testing using the AU multichannel mixer that everything was fine.

Then I thought I’d save the whole thing and see if PluginHost would - after opening the saved “graph” file recall the entire graph - AND remember to set the Kontakt audio unit to the right number of multi-outs so my Kontakt plugin would be recalled in multi-out mode not stereo.

But instead - Kontakt just opened in Stereo mode.

in my own host i’ve always had to have code in there to - in effect FORCE Kontakt AudioUnit instances from their default stereo to the prerequisite multi-outs. Since Kontakt always “boots up” in stereo mode.

This is not a bug in the JUCE framework itself. Rather I think it would just be good to have the PluginHost example code be able to recall the multi-outs configuration once-saved.

So a “bug” really ( or missing feature if you will ) in the PluginHost example.

Given that the JUCE code for multi-outs does get quite involved and no doubt the PluginHost example gets used by a lot of developers - including me - to learn how to code this new API - its probably something worth addressing.

Hi nonchai,

Thanks for pointing this out. We’ll add this to the plug-in host.


OK I’ve added this feature to develop.

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i can confirm the JUCE example PluginHost code in develop branch now works as it should with the saved pluginhost graph i was using.


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