JUCE example project and virtual methods

Maybe I’m just missing something here, but why aren’t the derived classes in the JUCE example project using the virtual keyword?

For example, take JUCEHelloWorldApplication::initialise. It’s just declared as “void” in the sample code. But, JUCEApplication::initialise is declared as “virtual void”.

Is this some rule of virtual inheritance that I don’t know? What happens if a subclass declares a method as nonvirtual when there’s already a method with the same name in the parent class that is virtual?

It all seems to work okay, so I’m probably just confused.

the virtual keyword sticks to the function in the derived class, as you could not possibly make it ‘un-virtual’ [not that it would make any amount of difference if you could] so you just don’t need it. it’s nice to put it in as a hint to people who may derive classes further from that, but it’s not necessary.

Thanks - I didn’t realize that.