Juce File Chooser


A post in another area reminded me - on Linux there isn’t a native file chooser, so I get the Juce version. It has two quirks.

One is that multiple files aren’t supported, and there’s an assertion for that. Could we please remove the assertion until the multiple files go in - maybe use a compile time warning? I don’t want to start ifdef’ing to avoid hitting the debugger every time. I’m fine just selecting one file on that platform.

Also, the list seems to come up with the first item ‘high-lighted’ but not selected. That means you can’t just click on it to select, since juce thinks it’s already selected.



I haven’t checked in a while, but I don’t know if this is a consistent behaviour. I found that sometimes it did what you describe, and sometimes it works properly.


I’d rather leave the assertion in to avoid people missing the fact that it’s not done, and there’s no way to do a compile-time warning. It’s easy enough to just comment it out if it bothers you.

I’ve checked-in a fix for the selection thing now.