JUCE Forum Will Not Let Me Post

I am trying to ask a simple question about the documentation on the JUCE FFT class, but whenever I try to make the post it says that my title is too vague, and doesn’t offer any hints for fixing it. Why is this?

Anyway here is the question:

Hi, I am trying to use the JUCE FFT class in a plugin I am making. I would like to convert the incoming audio to FFT, process it, then convert it back for the output, using the FFT class functions performRealOnlyForwardTransform and performRealOnlyInverseTransform.

The documentation is not really clear on how the data returned by performRealOnlyForwardTransform is formatted. Is it real, imaginary, real, imaginary alternating, or is it all real then all imaginary?

If anyone has the answer please let me know. Also the documentation should probably be updated to specify.


It’s real, imaginary. In fact, you can simply cast the pointer to std::complex<float> if you like.