I’m sure there was a good reason why this was done, but I can’t seem to find it on the forums:

 #if _MSC_VER >= 1910

I believe this macro can be moved to the >= 1900 section. Testing it locally in VS2015 works out just fine in the Demo and my apps.

I’m trying to make use of that new Grid stuff!

IIRC it was because VS2015 supported some of the ways you can use constexpr, but not all of them. I think perhaps constexpr functions worked, but not variables (?)

VS2015 does support constexpr variables.


OK, but I’m sure I remember us all getting annoyed about something it didn’t support… @fabian @t0m can you remember?

I couldn’t possibly know what types of hassle you guys were running into… If it helps any, VS2015’s constexpr support is C++11 with some C++14:

VS2017 appears to go further by supporting C++14 (mostly or fully?) with some C++17:

As far as I recall, VS2015 had some bugs with constexpr when it came out. So most use cases would work as advertised, but not all. I believe they have ironed them out now, so the C++11 use cases (constexpr variables and single-statement constexpr functions) should all work. After all, VS2015 successfully compiles Microsoft’s own STL which is full of constexpr stuff.

And obviously VS2017 goes beyond and adds C++14 stuff like allowing constexpr functions to have branches and loops, and declare and mutate local variables.

So I would second @jrlanglois and recommend this change.

OK. I just pushed this. It will be available on develop shortly.

Thanks folks!