Juce in a Max patch using a VST~ obj (the VST is made with Juce)

Hallo to everybody.
I’m new here, and I don’t know if this is the right place…

This is the question: I’ve build a patch in MaxMSP that loads a TC Electronic Plug, made with Juce, that communicate with an external device (Clarity M).
This plugs receive the Track number and the Trackname of the track where it’s inserted in a Daw (works fine on ProTools and Logic X, doesn’t work on Reaper and Digital Performer), and displays this name on the plug and, if connected, to the screen of the external device too.

If the plug is not inserted on a track of a Daw, you can change manually the track name, and this will be displayed on the screen of the Clarity M.

The trackname field on the plug is not an external editable field, so you can’t sent to the plug a textedit box containing another name of your choice (only in the plug gui), but this should be possible using some other ways with a Juce command.

Maybe I can buid an external using Juce strings, but I don’t know how, I’m just new in Juce.
Any ideas?

Here you can download the plug, it’s free and works also if you don’t have a Clarity M device.

For more info read here: