Juce latest stable

I’m sorry if I miss something but I’m using Juce 1.51 and I beleive that this is the latest stable version of Juce. But here I see people discuss the Juce 1.52. Is it version from git repository or I miss one of Juce releases?

Thanks in advance.

1.52 is the version in GIT.

Thank you a lot.
I’m just affraid a little bit to use a development version. :slight_smile:

working on juce for three years now… i never found any stable version of juce library… if anyone has it then its a miracle…

And some has been asking the latest GIT code to use for the builds which we give to our customer… I dont understand y is not able to understand the release problems.

I just tried the latest version in GIT and as far as I can see it’s pretty nice and stable. A lot of bugs were fixed since 1.51 so I feel it is better to use the GIT version instead. Thanks a lot for the great work on JUCE!

that u say… compare to released version of juce i.e., 1.51 Git version is “OK”…
But customer perspective you should release the Proper builds where the bugs are less… But Jules had released the version with lot of bugs and contineously fixing it. Moreover new features are added in the GIT which are not released. If everyone agrees that its stable why there is a public release of JUCE. why Jules has to say did u check that bug in the GIT.

(Struggling to understand some of your english there…)

Obviously whenever I release a stable version, I don’t at that time know of any bugs in it (otherwise I’d fix them). So to the best of my knowledge, those releases are stable. Equally obviously, in such a large project there will inevitably some problems that aren’t discovered until after the release has been made and the tip has moved on, but that’s just the nature of software development…

When someone finds a bug in the last “official” release, there’s a high probability that I’ve already found it and fixed it in the GIT version. So when I say “check whether it’s still there in the GIT version”, it’s to save me wasting my time investigating a problem that no longer exists.