juce_mac_FileChooser.mm from tip

Hey Julian, just checked out the new FileChooser, looks good, but a small suggestion…

There may be times(from what I can tell quickly) that an autorelease pool may not be in place. (Plugins and a CFRunLoop)

So i’d suggest at the head of showPlatformDialog

NSAutoreleasePool *releasePool=[[NSAutorelease Pool]alloc]init];

and at the end

[releasePool release];

This’ll take care of your [delegate autorelease] and the autoreleased [NSSavePanel savePanel] / [NSOpenPanel openPanel] and stop warnings to the console if an Autorelease Pool isn’t in place…

(See Listing 1)


Ah yes, I hadn’t considered that it might be called from a plugin… Ok, good suggestion!