juce::dsp::Matrix divide

I want to make a division between the two Matrix.
juce::dsp::Matrix<> a;
juce::dsp::Matrix<> b;
juce::dsp::Matrix<> c = a/b;
However, there is no operate in Matrix as a division. Is there any faster method to get the result except a loop?

I was recently writing a few more Matrix op methods (on the graphics side, Matrix3D) and have been looking for a clean way to combine my own with the ones in juce’s class. I guess the easiest would be to subclass and add the new ops to it.

I think I would try following the matrix multiply op impl using any vectorization possible
Matrix operator/ (const Matrix &other) const

…having had a look at JUCE/juce_Matrix.cpp at master · juce-framework/JUCE · GitHub it doesn’t look like the multiply op has been vectorized though.