JUCE meetups in San Francisco and Los Angeles


Jules and I will be visiting San Francisco on Monday 19th, and Los Angeles on Tuesday 20th. 

We will meet JUCE users to present new features to the framework, understand how you use JUCE, and hear your suggestions for improvements. 

Please register to be kept informed of the venue. 

- San Francisco meetup page

- Los Angeles meetup page

If you work in an office in the area that can welcome up to 30 people for the meetups, please let us know!

I'm not flying into Anaheim until the 23rd, (will pop into Namm 24th / 25th), will anyone "technical"(!) be at the ROLI booth?

The ROLI booth is primarily about the seaboard rather than JUCE. I'll be floating around the show thursday/friday, so you might catch me - feel free to message if you'd like to meet at a particular time.

Are you around on the weekend? (Or going to the Avid thing on Monday?) I don't get in until late Friday.

Sorry, probably no time to meet up at the weekend. Friday evening, maybe, but not yet sure what's planned for that night.