JUCE module: AnimatedStackComponent

Hi all

I've been working on my first public JUCE module. Its based on haydxn's StackComponent. It basically allows different animation classes to be attached to different components in the stack. So for example you can have tab-like switching and scrolling/sliding/opening type animations depending on the component being added or removed.

My motivation was to make the UI I'm working on more mobile-like. The ShutterAnimator, used in the AnimatedStackDemo was inspired by Google's Inbox email app. 

Grab it here: https://github.com/adamski/AnimatedStackComponent

It has taken me a lot longer than anticipated to get it to where it is. There are still a few bugs. Its not production ready. If anyone has the time or inclination, there are few issues I could do with some help on. My time to work on JUCE stuff is limited at the moment, so any help would be greatly appreciated.