Juce newbie au instument question

I am having some issues getting my AU synth to work. 


Currently my plugin crashes the host whenever I chose the Is A Synth option. 


Is anyone able to provide small example of the correct way to set up an AU instrument and the correct way to fill the AudioSampleBuffer and use the Synth.RenderNextBlock function. 


Ideally I would like the channel configurations to be 0,1 and 0,2. 


Just need to understand how to properly set up the output of my synth. 

You could spot details of the error and some relevant code and it'd be easier to help you.

(For examples  - see  the JUCE distribution - if you're not confident, start there and change one thing at a time!)

Thanks for the reply bazrush. 


It ended up being a rookie error on my part in so far as setting up platform targets for osx was concerned. Xcode and Jucer didn't seem to want to play with each other and Logic will crash constantly if base SDK's and target SDK's are not configured exactly as expected. 


All sorted now. 


Many thanks for the reply though !