Juce plugin communication


Is there is a way (through juce classes or functions) for two juce applications or or two juce plugin dlls to communicate when in memory with each other or another exe or dll without using Shared Memory?

I have successfully set up a plugin dll to export foos for another app to call but when the second app call the plugin it is always as a new instant of the plugin/dll.

Short of using shared memory to have as swap RAM for the plugin to talk with another app is there a way of doing this that someone might have done they could share? I would like to have a little independence from the Windows platform in the end.


Um, how about Named Pipes?

Well, waddya know! I guess I should be looking into the ref more often.

If this automates my mess I think this might do it for me.

I’ll dig into juce_InterprocessConnectionServer.h, juce_InterprocessConnection.h and juce_NamedPipe.h later today.

(any example code stuffed away anywhere?)

Thanks Andrew.