Juce poly~Midi Harmonizer///

So I’m working on a polyphonic harmonizer, and the midi voices work but they all seem to be writing OVER the same buffer during the voices renderNextBlock? any suggestions? I’m coping the data from bufferToFill or (output buffer for the synthVoice class) to a new AudioSampleBuffer(delcared within the synthvoice) but when I add the processed samples from the tempbuffer to the main outputbuffer via outputBuffer.addfrom(), they seem to switch which voice is being sent to the output.
I play one note, that note comes out harmonized, I play a second note on top of that note and it immediately switches to the next note!!

Any help is much appreciated, suggestions and help much welcome, code can be posted but its so simple so let me know if you need it to help

EDIT:: I’m a dumarse and was clearing the buffer (including the processed prior note)
when rendering the next voice :joy: