juce_StandaloneFilterWindow does not compile on Apple Clang

@ed95 in juce_StandaloneFilterWindow.h line 127, your recent commit 59a058f changes this

processor.reset (::createPluginFilterOfType (AudioProcessor::wrapperType_Standalone));

to this:

processor.reset (createPluginFilterOfType (AudioProcessor::wrapperType_Standalone));

Presumably this was done to avoid one of those GCC warnings (and thank you so much for that!!!) but now, my code does not compile anymore on the most recent Apple Clang:

error: use of undeclared identifier 'createPluginFilterOfType'
        processor.reset (createPluginFilterOfType (AudioProcessor::wrapperType_Standalone));

Am I doing something wrong here? I didn’t touch any of my code. Is anyone else seeing this?

This commit should fix the issue:

I can confirm that it does. Thank you very much @reuk !