Juce styling needs

Hi all,

To split the other thread, I’d like developer and people to list what are their styling needs.
I’m not asking for a particular component, but for a general need list.
The purpose of this poll is to know if a particular technology [color=#BFBFBF](ahum CSS /SVG couch)[/color] is adapted to the need or not.
For example, a typical answer is “I want to change the different components colours dynamically / without rebuilding the software”.


I’d just prefer an encrypted (for release) XML file over CSS personally


That’s exactly the kind of post that should go to the other thread. I’m not speaking of file format or the final technology used. I’m asking for what you’re styling, and how.

I do not feel the need for css or whatever styling tool. However, I feel the need for smoother animation capabilities, all those tablet apis are capable of animating components, scrolling, etc very smoothly, it would be very great if the juce demo could animate its components as smoothly (sorry if I’m a bit off topic here)

What ever it takes to not have to recompile the application to check basic visual updates like changing colours, layout, orientation etc.

You talked a lot about svg’s and animations, we would just need a way to position bitmap-data, make everything skinnable with bitmaps (button hover, button click, button on/off, rotational button strips, …), slider background, slider handles, leds, etc etc. We wouldn’t even need SVG to be honest. Being able to put various layers on top of eachother with blending if needed, …

Basically, make something like this possible without the need for the programmer to put all the elements into the right places and embed all the PNG’s into the code:

I.e. programmer worries about the function, designer about the form. I (we) don’t care what a UI looks like for development!

I.e. what Anima said.

( And quick reply before someone else replies with “introjucer on the fly compilation blah blah”: a designer knows photoshop and perhaps some 3d rendering. If you need to tell the designer about compilation you’ve just lost the argument. )

How long is your build?

That’s besides the point. A designer can’t “build”. He knows photoshop.

Designer: "I want this rotary button 5 pixels to the left"
TheVinn: … <- your answer here

  • bram

Impressive example, thanks for the link.
Definitively interesting, and more in the spirit of what Vincent did.
A scalable interface would even be possible with SVG instead of PNG.

Scalable yes, but please do consider static PNG’s too :wink:
Imho things should really NOT care about what the actual images consist of.
I suppose Vince’s photoshop-layer thing could come in very handy when doing CSS-kind of effects.

   bacground-color: red;
   effects: blur, emboss;
   blur-radius: 5px;
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X-Ryl669, so… any actual plans so far?

  • bram

Right now, I’m waiting for Valley’s list of feature he thinks that can’t be done in CSS…
I will not start hacking something unless I’m sure it won’t be trashed later on, so I’m kind of waiting for a consensus here.

Hey guys,

We are also really interessted in the Idea of CSS/Html skinnable UIs. This is great as you can see in javafx. I found a small Library named librocket: http://librocket.com/
It is just an idea to integrate the lib into juce. I’ll have to think about building it on our own.