JUCE to AAX DSP Example from Avid

Avid has posted an example of adapting a JUCE plug-in to the AAX DSP format. AAX DSP adds support for the TI DSP processors used in Avid’s Pro Tools | HDX and VENUE systems.

An example of adapting a JUCE plug-in to AAX DSP is now available at Avid’s AAX Developer Downloads page.

This package demonstrates an AAX DSP plug-in implementation based on JUCE. The package contains source code for an example plug-in as well as modified source code from the JUCE library version 5.4.1. The plug-in source code in this package was originally generated using the Projucer software, then modified to support AAX DSP.

For more information see the ReadMe.txt file included in the download package.

Special thanks to ROLI for allowing us at Avid to provide this example as part of the AAX SDK materials.

Link to the corresponding article on the Avid developer page: link


Unless I am missing something, I do not see this package in the AAX Developer Downloads page, nor included in the latest AAX SDK.

Where could I view this example?

i see the example is hosted again, thank you!

my next question is how do we actually validate we compile a native+dsp plugin without access to DSP hardware?