Juce ValueTree is Suitable for DAW (sequencer, bus, sends, midi events, audio events, etc )?

This is more a curiosity then i present need, because i am still far to know enough to be able to get into a project like this, anyway i had to ask! Would JuceTree would be suitable to build / organize the data needed in  a DAW like traktion , cubase or live? i mean use valueTree to organize the full project data, events, plugins used sends, blablabla, everything?


       channel 1 -> type midi

                     midi inserts:

                      midi in: X

                      midiout: Y

        Channel2 -> audio

                     audio Input:

                     audio Output

                     Audio Sends:

                     Audio Events









Thank you! :)



Yes, if I was writing a DAW from scratch, then I'd definitely use a ValueTree to hold the edit. (One day we may update tracktion to work like that internally, but converting all its legacy code would be a huge job..)

Thank you Jules! ;) bless you