JUCE vs firebreath

I wanted to know that your framework(JUCE) What is the difference with “firebreath” framework?

My goal is to write a powerful browser plugins that will give answers on all browser.

Please help.
Thank you.

According to these:

(JUCE: “Browser plugins can be built as NPAPI (Mac/Windows), or ActiveX (Windows).”

FireBreath aims to be a cross-platform plugin architecture, targeting:

•NPAPI browsers on windows, mac, and linux:
•Google Chrome
•Apple Safari
•Opera (usually)
•ActiveX Control hosts:
•Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8)

Please explain about this more?

I’d never heard of firebreath before, but from the summary on their website, it sounds like it’s a framework that was designed specifically for making browser plugins… Juce is a more general-purpose toolkit, so will provide a much richer set of classes to use, but being able to use it for a browser plugin is only incidental, not the central aim.

TBH about browser plugins, my prediction is that they’re a doomed technology anyway. None of the browser manufacturers like them, and they’re all making it harder to use them with sandboxing, complicated installation procedures, constantly changing requirements, etc. And with HTML5, NaCl, etc on the rise and starting to provide most of the same facilities that you get from native code, I don’t think they’ll be around for much longer. My long-term plan with juce is to support NaCl or emscripten as the platform for running code in a browser.

I’m understanding this to mean that you’re going to provide bindings so that code that uses JUCE will map to HTML5 and/or javascript. For example, code to draw into a Graphics will be translated into the equivalent HTML5 canvas manipulations?

Yep. No idea if/when I’ll ever have time to put the idea into practice, but it’s something I’d like to try!

this would be also interesting for a server side application  :D

this would be also interesting for a server side application :smiley:

Thank you very much for your reply,

my Another question is that:
Any other framework in this field(create plugins) exist? Do you have any suggestions?
Our goal is that we tested other frameworks.
Or even to find a solution other than writing plugins? :?: :idea:
Again, thank you.