Juce window's size is not exactly what i set

here is my code: https://hastebin.com/mikobagada.cpp

so when i run the program, i get a window size 1002x789 (including the title bar)

no matter what size i set its still 10002x789

is this a bug?


im running under windows 10. and i tried setting true and false here setUsingNativeTitleBar (); too

If you’re somehow measuring your window’s size in physical pixels, then yep, welcome to the modern world, where physical pixels are no longer what people use to define their window sizes.

The Windows high-DPI handling has always been a total car-crash, and unlike OSX where it abstracts the physical dimensions from apps, on Windows we have to add our own scaling to correct for the monitor settings. But it’s done deliberately to stop your app looking ridiculous on highly scaled displays, and you should embrace it, not question it!

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