JUCE Wrapper for HID API


Here is a JUCE C++ wrapper for the hidapi, a convenient library that interfaces with HID devices.

Thought it might be useful to someone!

There is a hid::DeviceScanner class that will notify you when a device is connected, a central DeviceIO class that does most of the dirty work without needing to touch the lower-level C API, and a few other helper classes & functions.

I will usually do something like this:

if (hid::isDeviceAvailable (MY_DEVICE_VID, MY_DEVICE_PID) {
    auto deviceInfo = hid::getDeviceInfo (MY_DEVICE_VID, MY_DEVICE_PID);
    auto deviceIO = deviceInfo.connect();
    deviceIO.setNonblocking (true);
    if (hid::isConnected()) {
        // write something to the device
        auto result = hid::getConnectedDevice().write (&dataToSend, numBytesToSend);
        if (! result.wasOk()) {
            DBG("Couldn't write to device: " << result.getErrorMessage());

        // read something back - I set it to nonblocking above, so we need to poll it regularly
        // I usually do this on a timer thread, but whatever floats your boat
        while (true) {
            result = hid::getConnectedDevice().read (&dataToRead, numBytesToRead);
            if (result.wasOk()) {
                // Read some bytes from the device!


Good idea, thanks! I use HIDAPI directly, so I’ll test your wrapper. Is there any important reason why Linux version is not included?


I never got around to needing it. Will be updating it with linux support soon, but it should be pretty easy to add the required libusb dependencies.