JUCEDemo on iOS issue with latest tips


I recently download the latest Juce tips and its version with modules etc… The JuceDemo works fine on mac but when I try the iOS build, some compilation errors appear in some files that belong to the juce_audio_devices module (juce_mac_CoreMidi.cpp and juce_audio_devices.cpp). I, for exemple, get “MIDIEndPointRef” was not declared in this scope.
Does that could come from a missing framework?

Thanks again


No problems compiling it here… Which SDK are you using?


Hmm… Latest iOS 4.3


Yeah, but which SDK?


I’m running on a Mac OSX Lion 10.7.3 with the juce version 2.0.19. The base SDK used when I try to run the Juce Demo for iOS is “iOS 4.3”


Maybe try the latest SDK then. I think it’s 5.1


I finally managed to get a successful building by adding “#include <CoreMIDI/MIDIServices.h>” to juce_mac_CoreMidi.cpp, the CoreMIDI framework’s header containing the MIDIEndpointRef definition.
Is it normal?


That’s strange… I wonder why I don’t seem to need that? Oh well! I’ll add that extra include, there’s no harm in having it! Thanks!