Jucer strange behaviours


i’ve started using jucer again, on linux.
i noticed that the subcomponents grouping options are always disabled, is this wanted ?
also when i export the cpp files, they are Unicode (utf-16) cause if i open’em from my text editor (which defaults to utf-8) the number of bytes is doubled (with a space between each character)… ??? this way i have to open up the generated file and save it with utf-8 encoding every time i export the jucer component. could be gr8 if the jucer lets you specify the encoding you want to export the generated component files…


subcomponents grouping options?.. sorry, not sure what you mean…

Someone else asked today about the encoding of jucer files, which I said was ascii, but in fact it’s not, I was looking at an old file, but the recent versions now save as utf-16 with header bytes. It’s done in JucerDocument::writeCodeFiles(), so you can tweak it if you need to. (Adding a format option would be a good idea, you’re right)


with subcomponents grouping i mean, you select 2 subcomponents from the subcomponent tab , then they become with the yellow border you can drag and move togheter, then you can group the 2 components and trat them like being only one ? (i saw that some versions ago)… there is also the menu that says “Group components” or something…

the encoding selection i think is a must have, probably along the properties of the jucer component…


Ah yes. It’s quite a lot of messing about to add properties for multiple selections, but would be useful. I’ll do it eventually!


mmmh i was just not thinking about this… eheh… i was just saying that the menu with “Group selected” label (or whatever) is always greyed out !
you’re going more forward than me ! :wink:
anyway your idea could be really cool…


Oh, I see. “Group selected” is only for grouping graphical objects, not components.


ahhhh, i remember correctly so, i saw the grouping somewhere… but i was sure it was about grouping components, not graphical objects… must been too drunk so :wink: