Just an idea

jules, I’ve noticed that most of the commits lately are the result of a discussion here on the forum.

What do you think about copying in the git commit message the link to the forum thread that inspired a change, or where it was discussed?
That could greatly help those who follow the tip to understand the rationale behind some changes, and possibly contribute more easily to either the discussion or the code. Sometimes the reason of a change is obvious, sometimes it is not but it becomes clear when one stubles upon the forum thread where it was discussed.

It could be a final line simply saying: “discussed here: (forum url)”


More work for Jules, no benefit to me. Besides, you can do this yourself in the JUCE wiki on Github, just make a page with an explanation for each commit with a link to the relevant forum post.

Yes… but we are talking about a copy/paste operation from the browser window that he must have already open because he’s applying changes that relate to a forum discussion… is it that much of work?

Then it never happened to you to see some meaningful changes being reverted for no apparent reason, only to find weeks later the explaination in a thread on the forum

That’s exactly the point: how can I know which commit relates to which discussion, when it’s jules making the commits? That’s why I am suggesting that he adds the link in the commit message

Well, I’ll bear it in mind, but I try to keep the check-in comments self-contained. But yes, there could be cases where a link would be helpful.