Kiosk mode can be bypassed on Windows


Action: Go into Kiosk mode on a Windows machine with multiple monitors
Result: The resizable border of the Windows HWND (when using a native TopLevelWindow heavyweight) is visible on the other screen
Problem: The user can resize the window and screw up the kiosk


Action: In Kiosk mode, press Alt+SPACE to bring up the Window menu
Result: Window menu appears, and the user can move the window with the keyboard or mouse
Problem: Kiosk mode can be bypassed


The solution to both of these problems is fairly straightforward. When in Kiosk mode, the ComponentPeer HWND should be re-created to be a plain HWND with no title bar, resizable border, or menu. When existing Kiosk mode the ComponentPeer can be set back.

Confirm or deny?

I can neither confirm or deny anything until I speak to my lawyer. Or until I next fire up my win7 machine and try it.