Label and textButton Font resizing

Hi there sorry for newbie question but i’m having an hard time here making my custom LookAndFeel label and textButton font resizing correctly.
here is how i call my defalut LookAndFeel:


For know leaving labels with that LookAndFeel and calling


would resized my label font correctly but when i call


that s where i’m getting stuck and font resize wouldn’t work.
My guess is that i should be missing something there in my &olaf

	juce::Font getLabelFont(juce::Label& label)

		return juce::Font(juce::Typeface::createSystemTypefaceFor(BinaryData::Squares_Bold_Free_otf, BinaryData::Squares_Bold_Free_otfSize));


For the textButton font size i tryed everything i could into my LookAndFeel

void drawButtonText

but no success would any body get a tip there :wink: thanks a lot.