Laggy slider behaviour

I was following the tutorial for Midi Messages:

As I followed it I began to implement it in my own way - just to get some experience using the different classes etc.

I noticed that the slider that is used to generate Controller messages is behaving somewhat strangely. When the project first builds and launches the slider is very smooth and responsive. However, after wiggling it back and forth quite vigorously (yes yes :yum:) it began to become very laggy and unresponsive, jumping from position.

I naturally assumed that this was because of the modifications that I had made but when I checked the finished demo file provided by the tutorial I descovered that it behaves exaclty the same way! This seems a little odd since it is a single slider with nothing else going on at the same time. It does seem to get worse as over time as I move it - around 50 seconds or so.

Is this a bug perhaps?

It’s probably the GUI list component slowing down as more messages are added into it.

Did you test with a release build? The problem might take more time to appear when the built code is optimized.

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I’ll give ti a try :wink:

Your’e absolutely right! The release build remained smooth for about 3x as long it seems - it did eventually get laggy though. So, could this be remedied by clearing out all the messages form the TextEditor component somehow?

Well, that did the trick - your idea guess about it being the messages was spot on! I added a button to clear the messages and the slider returns to smooth operations again :wink: