Latest Projucer Under Develop Branch is Constantly Failing to Respond

Just compiled the latest Projucer and it is freezing every few minutes, forcing a force quit.

Here’s the crash log. Its extremely long, but if it can help…

It seems to be happening when I flip to another app while the Projucer is open, then come back to it.

I’ll go back to the Projucer on the master branch, but thought I should report.

Thanks for the report. I can’t reproduce this on my machine - are you doing anything in particular in the Projucer when the crashes occur e.g. do you have the live-build engine enabled, are you using the GUI editor etc.? Unfortunately the crash log isn’t much use as it was running in release mode and has stripped symbols but if you can send me a crash log from a debug build that would help me in tracking it down.