Latest recommended best practices WRT AudioProcessorValueTreeState, lock free queues, multithreading

Apologies for the possibly lazy thread topic. I know a lot of work has been done lately on AudioProcessorValueTreeState and I feel I might be a little bit out of date with it all.

Does AudioProcessorValueTreeState with its UI attachments etc provide a complete system for lock free communication between audio DSP processing and UI? Or is the plug-in developer still given the responsibility/freedom to handle thread safety of parameters they use in the audio callback in their own way? I vaguely remember something about cached value being the way to safely get data out of a value tree on the audio thread. Can someone fill me in with the current state of affairs in JUCE 5.3? Is there an up-to-date example for all of this stuff?



I wish there was an answer to this :frowning:

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