Launch AudioPluginHost in Visual Studio for debuging

sorry for stupid question. I tried to find in VS documentation, but I can’t figure it out.

I work on audio plugin. And I need to debug it on Windows 10 in VS 2017. But I can’t just run the plugin. I need some host.
On Mac I know how to set application (AudioPluginHost or Logic Pro) that should be launched when I hit run in debug mode. And I can debug my plugin by run it in launched application . But in VS I can’t figure it out how to to that?

For any help thanks in advance.
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You can fire up a sequencer like reaper and attach the visual studio debugger to the reaper process (Attach to Process… in the Debug menu).

Great thanks, it works, but isn’t there option to set it permanently that I don’t need to attache to process everytime I run the app?

And secod question, which is more important. Where in VS I can watch the output of DBG("debug info")?

Maybe this helps:

I always attach. Not sure how to set a startup option in VS for a library project.

OK, great thanks for your help.

In the Visual Studio project settings (note that you should edit the plugin project settings, not the shared code project settings) :

Attaching after the host has already launched is not ideal because that way you can’t debug problems that appear when the host is scanning for new plugins when it starts.

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hi kunz, i have just installed debug view on my machine. how can i send debug messages it?

I’m not sure, i didn’t use that since a while.

But maybe this helps. It looks like it isn’t to hard to do this:


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thank you :slight_smile: