Launching JUCE app from JUCE app / disabling crash reporter

I’m writing a Interprocess Plugin Scanner, which works well on Windows already. Right now I’m porting to OSX.
The idea is that there’s a master process and a slave process. The slave process gets told by the master process what plugin do scan, then does so. It might crash, in which case the master process will notice, and relaunch the slave process.

I have 2 questions concerning OSX:

  1. When I launch another JUCE process via File::startAsProcess(), I suppose there won’t be any Obj-C prefixes needed as for audio plugins which reside in the same process. Is that assumption correct? I get lots of strange crashes and I don’t really understand where they come from. The crashes always seem to happen in the master process, immediately after starting the slave process via File::startAsProcess(). It should be noted that the slave process is the same as the master process, just with different parameters passed.

  2. When the slave process crashes, I get Apple’s Crash Reporter kicking in. On Windows, I found out how to disable the annoying “This program has stopped working dialog”, but on OSX I cannot seem to find any docs that tell me how to get rid of the Crash Reporter FOR ONE SPECIFIC APP/PROCESS (I know how to disable it system-wide but that’s a no-go). [SOLVED]

seems to be same problem as here:

Tried launching the same .app bundle, renamed to, without parameters, still get crashes! Any ideas?

Might be helpful if you could say exactly where it crashed!

Nevermind, I found the problem. It was related to me including an old version of a header file declaring a class X, and in some other place using the new header for class X instead. This lead to (sometimes immediate, sometimes delayed) weird crashes. I’m glad I found it.