Leaked objects detected: SimpleDeviceManagerInputLevelMeter


I am a total beginner to Juce, but because of its apparent strength with regards to audio processing, I wanted to try it out for some ham radio applications that I am playing with. I have my hello world up and running, that plays sound that I have generated.

But on shutdown I am struggeling with this error:

'SoftRockCw.exe': Unloaded 'C:\Windows\SysWOW64\shdocvw.dll'
*** Leaked objects detected: 1 instance(s) of class SimpleDeviceManagerInputLevelMeter
JUCE Assertion failure in juce_leakedobjectdetector.h:95
SoftRockCw.exe has triggered a breakpoint

What my program does in startup is (Please forgive my break with coding standards, I work in a hardcore K&R environment, and habits like that are difficult to break with) :

	mDevManager = new AudioDeviceManager();
	mSelector = new AudioDeviceSelectorComponent(*mDevManager,0,2,2,2,false,false,true,true);

The UI is a single window with various tabs for control, and I add the mSelector to a new (static) tab as follows:


The leak / assert happens when I shut down the program (press red button with mouse) - Using the debugger I see that SimpleDeviceManagerInputLevelMeter is created, deleted, then created again, but never deleted before the leak check. If I try to delete delete the selector myself, I run into a double free - which is even worse :frowning:

I am suspecting that the audio selector was not intended to be a permanent fixture of the UI , and there could be a problem when tearing down the app when audio devices and the selector components are active. Either that or I have done some other silly beginners mistake. Any help or hints will be much appreciated. Oh an my Juce version is master from 09/05/2013.

It seems that the reported leak goes away if I add input devices to the device manager thusly:

-  mDevManager->initialise(0,2,NULL,true);
+ mDevManager->initialise(2,2,NULL,true);

So maybe the leak is a result of the input level meter not having been used in the selector.

EDIT: But now I get even more leaks reported from RowComponents that were created by the AudioDeviceSelectorComponent

*** Leaked objects detected: 4 instance(s) of class RowComponent
JUCE Assertion failure in juce_leakedobjectdetector.h:95
SoftRockCw.exe has triggered a breakpoint

I think you’re probably just leaking the entire device selector component. There’s certainly no way for a SimpleDeviceManagerInputLevelMeter to leak unless you allow its parent to leak.

Thanks, that seems to have been the case. Instead of manually deleting the component which caused an even worse error (crash), I simply changed:

-  tabbedComponent->addTab(tabName,tabBackgroundColour,contentComponent,false);
+  tabbedComponent->addTab(tabName,tabBackgroundColour,contentComponent,true);

The UI component cleanup then seems to do a much better job than my manual delete. :smiley:

As for the project itself, progress has been very promising, I am now able to generate morse code realtime, something that requires quite low latency in order to be able to operate the paddle correctly based on the auditory feedback. I still have quite a bit of signal processing to do, but will push my code to github (GPL), as soon as it becomes even slightly usable.

So far using Juce has been a pleasant experience, and the new web site looks good! Fingers crossed that things stay this way :wink: