Leaking HINTERNET handle in juce_win32_Network.cpp?

I am using Intel Inspector to check memory and threading issues, and then it reports a memory leak inside JUCE. On line 266 of juce_win32_Network.cpp, there is a static sessionHandle variable, it seems that after calling InternetOpen to create this handle, it was never released via InternetCloseHandle.
Is there some problem here? Or is there something that caused this to be designed on purpose?

Intel Inspector also reports other internal JUCE errors, including memory leaks, data races, etc. You can test it yourself with a simple GUI program. But some error reports are really weird. I am not sure whether these are indeed JUCE’s own problems or Intel’s bugs. The problem mentioned in this post is the only problem I think is indeed a problem. Can you also explain some of its other error reports after testing with it?