LibCurl still in Makefile when disabled in Producer

I have disabled JUCE_USE_CURL in the producer but the makefile still includes this in the pkgconfig line. I had a similar issue with Alsa, but I did not need that module so I just removed the entire module. I also notice x11 in there even though I removed all gui modules.

Same issue here. Are there some definitions or sth in libcurl that JUCE needs even libcurl is not used or is this just a failure?

Greetz equniox

The -lcurl option may be passed to the linker, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be linked. Try doing ldd yourAppName after a build to see the dependencies. When I disable JUCE_USE_CURL then* is not listed.

The --as-needed flag might be useful here, to try to enforce this behaviour.