Licensing plugins

hey what is the easiest way of setting up licensing of plugins.

Search is your friend :wink:

Check the JUCE tutorials for the “Unlock” example.

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if i was to be looking into getting liscence keys though?

The easiest way would be to have a bunch of license keys stored in the projects binary. the user would input a key you’d give them upon purchase and the plugin would scan through those keys and activate if one of them matches. The easiest way offers basically nothing in the way of copy protection, but it’s something.

For more advanced methods you’ll need to either look into setting up a licensing system yourself, or using a service (Keygen, Cryptlex, LimeLM, iLok, even Gumroad) where you generally interface with a REST API, all of which have their pros and cons.

I’ve been on this step of the development process for quite a few months now myself…