Lightpad BLOCK M & MIDI Clock

I’ve created a script for the Lightpad BLOCK (here: wich receives MIDI Clock.

It works fine when connected with USB, but when I use the device over Bluetooth, it never receives any MIDI Clock. It does receive MIDI CC and all, just the Clock pulses seems to be missing.

I see (using MIDI Monitor) the clock pulses being send to the bluetooth connection, but somehow they get lost. (image)

Could it be that the device is not handling MIDI Clock over Bluetooth because of bandwith considerations?

I’m running on macOS Mojave v10.14


PS I contacted ROLI support, and they directed me here.


I tested MIDI clock with a minimal script ( (389 Bytes)) and got the same results: the Block detects incoming MIDI clock when connected via USB, but doesn’t see clock over Bluetooth (macOS 10.13.6).

Seems like this is intended behaviour.

Is that, do you think, a limitation of Mac OSX / Windows, or is it ROLI’s doing here?

Apparently, this is a part of the MIDI over Bluetooth 1.0a specification:

This specification does not support multiple virtual cables, clock synchronization, or all possible and valid MIDI 1.0 data streams, which might be addressed by an update or second specification, along with improvements in timing resolution and jitter reduction.

Ow, that might be it then, so no-one is able to do sync over bluetooth, right?
Thanks for looking that up for me…

I don’t think so, unless I missed a newer specification. But it makes sense, given the bluetooth MIDI latency.