Likely very simple javascript question


Likely I'm being dumb, but:

        ScopedPointer<DynamicObject> dynamicObject = new DynamicObject();

        dynamicObject->setProperty("one", "0.333");
        dynamicObject->setProperty("two", "0.666");

        ScopedPointer<JavascriptEngine> jsengine = new JavascriptEngine();
        jsengine->registerNativeObject("doIReallyNeedThis", dynamicObject);

        String code = "";

        var result = jsengine->evaluate(code);

        DBG("Result: " + result.toString());

gives me output: Result: 30.3330.666

a: how do I make this print 3.999?

b: how do I make this work with the input string: "1+2+one+two"?



your "one" and "two" properties are strings, so it's concatenating them as strings, not adding them as numbers. You could make them doubles, or parse the strings with Integer.parseInt

...Sorry yeah that one was a bit too obvious, I blame the late-night coding :D

That leaves point b:

In the below code

        JavascriptEngine jsengine;
        DynamicObject*  dynamicObject = new DynamicObject();
        dynamicObject->setProperty("one", 0.333f);
        dynamicObject->setProperty("two", 0.666f);
        jsengine.registerNativeObject("a", dynamicObject);
        String code = "one + two";
here->  code = code.replace("one", "");
here->  code = code.replace("two", "a.two");
        var result = jsengine.evaluate(code);
        DBG("Result: " + result.toString());

The two replace commands feel superflous, surely there should be a way to add two variables directly into the root/global context?

The string to be parsed I want to be as simple as possible, I do not want to ask users to know it has anything to do with JS, hence the replace.

Sorry if my questions are too trivial, I've managed to avoid everything web-related this far in my life, and that included JS...