Line graph

Hey all,
Another newbie question. What is the most simple way to put a plot into a component? Just a simple line graph. The simpler the better. It doesn’t need to update very often. All suggestions welcomed. Thanks in advance.

Just draw the lines… Use a Path, add your lines to it, then draw a stroke along it.

Thanks for the nudge in the right direction. I was looking at this for some inspiration . . .

. . . but using that source I was getting build errors that I was unable to fix with my current level of C++ competence. Anyhow, I found the Doxygen Path page and should be able to cobble something together from there. Many thanks.

Hi again. This is actually going surprisingly well ( shock :!: ) but I am having some trouble putting the icing on the cake. I would like to make a dashed line (I’m guessing using PathStrokeType::createDashedStroke) but I can’t get it to work for the life of me. Could anyone enlighten me with the magic line of code required to make a dashed line from the following code snippet.

Path linReference; linReference.startNewSubPath (0, getHeight()); linReference.lineTo (getWidth(), 0); g.setColour (Colours::cornflowerblue.withAlpha (0.5f)); g.strokePath (linReference, PathStrokeType (3.0f));

You’d need to call PathStrokeType::createDashedStroke to generate a new path from your original one, then you’d just fill the new path.

Easily said :slight_smile: . Well, after hacking away at this and being greeted with a whole new bunch of compile errors that I’ve not seen before (it has been a good learning expirience), I have managed to get something working.

Path linReference;
linReference.startNewSubPath (0, getHeight());
linReference.lineTo (getWidth(), 0);

PathStrokeType *dasher;	   
dasher = new PathStrokeType(3.0);
float Dashes[] = { 20, 10 };
dasher->createDashedStroke(linReference, linReference, Dashes, 2);

g.setColour (Colours::cornflowerblue.withAlpha (0.5f));
g.strokePath (linReference, PathStrokeType (3.0f));

Is that the right kind of idea or have I just made code spaghetti? Ta much. PS Juce is awesome!

You’re leaking like a sieve there. Never use ‘new’ if you can use a stack object instead.

More like this:

[code]Path linReference;
linReference.startNewSubPath (0, getHeight());
linReference.lineTo (getWidth(), 0);

float Dashes = { 20, 10 };
PathStrokeType (3.0f).createDashedStroke (linReference, linReference, Dashes, 2);

g.setColour (Colours::cornflowerblue.withAlpha (0.5f));
g.fillPath (linReference);[/code]

AHA! That looks more elegant :slight_smile: Sorry to make your eyes bleed with my code. Anyhow, the plot is up, running, and most importantly functioning as expected. Joy.

Thanks again.

I’ve seen far worse atrocities than that on the pages of this forum!