Linear Time Code

Does JUCE support the generation of a Linear Time Code (LTC) wave file?

If not then has anyone any ideas on how to create an LTC file within the JUCE development environment?

I’m a production sound recordist and I’d like to find a way of creating a plugin that can read the timecode in my Pro Tools session and generate an LTC wave file for use in music playback. I would normally create a separate audio track and place this on that track alongside the music itself. By generating the file then I would be able to guarantee that it starts at a given timecode point.



I have you considered using a dedicated hardware LTC signal generator such as this one : ?

You only need then Midi Time Code from your software.
I have used an old Digidesign USD (no longer manufactured) to slave Cubase to a video signal.
Could generate or slave to LTC as well


I had a look at the old USD but it only outputs MTC - it doesn’t take MTC as an input in order to output LTC.

In general, yes, I’ve considered the hardware options, but software is cheaper and less space-consuming. I was hoping for a software library to support the creation of an LTC wave file in order to start creating more flexible support for applications.