Link error - undefined symbols in FloatVectorOperations

Back to my “original” project…

I just updated it and now I get link errors from Juce:

Undefined symbols: "_vDSP_vclr", referenced from: juce::FloatVectorOperations::clear(float*, int)in juce_audio_basics.o "_vadd", referenced from: juce::FloatVectorOperations::add(float*, float const*, int)in juce_audio_basics.o "_vsmul", referenced from: juce::FloatVectorOperations::multiply(float*, float, int)in juce_audio_basics.o ld: symbol(s) not found collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Googling gives NO references to these symbols as being missing - anywhere! Example.

It might well be because I’m still on XCode 3 and OS/X 10.6.8 for development - the plan is to move to 10.8 quite soon but that won’t be for a few weeks at least.

Any way around this?

You might need to set JUCE_USE_SSE_INTRINSICS=0 if you don’t have access to those libs…

Thanks, but no luck.

Don’t get too bent out of shape, this is an encouragement to get me to move to Xcode 4 etc. I don’t have any urgent reason to have to deal with this - worst case I could just use an earlier version of Juce.

/Off-topic whine follows:

Unfortunately, I’ve been trying for three days to get my apple account to work - I go through a maze of their forms and then it tells me at the very end: “The request is temporarily unable to be processed. Please try again later.” and throws away everything I’ve entered.

I’ve had this problem for almost two years. This time I’m not letting up on Apple Support until they resolve it! So far we’ve had five goarounds. My theory - this account is really old (almost 20 years old) and in some weird format…

/end whining.

Doh, sorry: I actually should have said JUCE_USE_VDSP_FRAMEWORK

Same results!

I wouldn’t spend any time on this were I you. I actually did it by hand-editing the generated files to add the symbol - when I use the old JUCER to edit the .jucer file, it crashes now when it tries to open XCode, and I get just under 60,000 errors when compiling. :smiley:

All of this is old and almost certainly something’s in an inconsistent state. I’ll be upgrading presently, so any time beyond a few moments spent on this is time wasted.

Have you included the Accelerate framework?