Linker cannot find library


Maybe this is a question more related to XCode than to Juce but still I was hoping someone here has experienced this and could help me out with this issue.
I want to use rubberband as external library, so in the Projucer, I added the lib name under Exporters-> XCode → External Libraries to Link and under Extra Library Search Paths I entered the path to the library’s folder.

Unfortunately, when I build, the linker complains because it cannot find the library file.

This seems strange as I’m sure the static library file librubberband.a is at the specified path.

The Linker uses the paths below:


Does it work if you just pass rubberband rather than librubberband in the “External Libraries to Link” field?

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Wow, this solved problem, indeed.
I was convinced I had tried that already.
Thanks a lot @reuk
You just saved me a lot of time :smiley: