Linking issues for code porting from Juce 1.5 to Juce 2.0

I have code in which i manually configured and was using juce/bin folder for linking to library when my code was using juce.15 version.

But now i started using juce2.0 version with my that code, and I applied all necessary changes in code to make comfortable with new version of juce2.0 … So now I don’t get any errors.

I also got “The juce.h file is deprecated - please include each module’s header file directly, or preferably let the introjucer handle the inclusion of source code in your project.” , I have done few other code using introJucer and it works well, But for this project i was trying manually workout which failed. [I use DONT_SET_USING_JUCE_NAMESPACE and manually typedef all juce datatype with juce:: … But i don’t think this is the problem…]

But the problem is in linking, I get so many linking errors. Any suggestions friend ? Please help me solve them. I tried static library linking too but that says, can not open juceDebug.lib error.

Hey all we come out with solution… For removing this error we have to do module inclusion using introjucer and hard code our project. excludes all files from solutions that are we don’t need . and that works.