Linux Introjucer?

No need to apologise - my plan was to have made the modules branch into a “proper” release by now, it’s just been taking longer than I expected to get it into the right shape.

How about a new stable release of Juce with all the fixes for linux?

Also, is anyone building juce rpms on fedora or openSUSE?

I’m using the tip with Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, RedHat) and it has been very stable. After the big modules merge back to the master branch there were a few weirdnesses that were stopping the introjucer from working correctly, etc. But the fixes were minor and Jules integrated them right away. There are still a few c++2011 type warnings when building 64 bit with the latest and greatest g++, but g++ handles the cases correctly, so I haven’t gotten around to cleaning them up and writing a post here.

If you mean a package for juce itself, I’m not sure if I’d use the library that way. The development is ‘active’, so it’s pretty beneficial to have ready access to the git repo. Even if you don’t always track tip, you’re in a position to cherry pick any changes/fixes you want.

I have juce-1.53 packages for Ubuntu in my PPA, and I’ll update to 2.0 once the modules stuff sees a release (or alpha, beta, rc, whatever).